Regenesys Business School

Regenesys is leading global business school,Campus-At-Night with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a corporate campus in Mumbai, and with over 100, 000 students from 195 countries from across the world, Regenesys offers contact and online learning programmes of exceptional quality, value for money, and impact. Enrol with Regenesys and change your life forever. We at Regenesys will help you to dream big, awaken your potential, and achieve big. The power to succeed is within you.

Why Regenesys?

  • Get a high-quality private education that is accredited and internationally recognised
  • Study at a leading business school founded and run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial leaders and innovators
  • Network with an extensive group of esteemed alumni who are successful in their business fields and leaders from leading local and international organisations
  • Access synchronous live streamed classes, study videos, webinars, study guides, e-books, online academic support, PowerPoint presentations, business tools, and academic articles for convenient study on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Personal contact and support from our highly qualified and seasoned academics, tutors and personal assistants
  • Our business school has operations in India and Nigeria
  • The only business school in South Africa located in Sandton, the most prestigious and wealthiest square mile in Africa, which is home to Africa’s largest businesses
  • Become a holistic leader and develop emotional intelligence to manage your relationships effectively; spiritual intelligence to rise above adversity and make informed decisions; mental intelligence to think critically and solve problems, physical intelligence to manage stress effectively and lead a healthy life, and financial intelligence to attain financial freedom
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle by participating in yoga classes, reflecting in the meditation centre, exercising in the gym or enjoying nature in the Zen garden
  • Experience a high-touch and high-tech approach, wherever and whenever it suits you
  • ISO 9001:2008 international accreditation is testament that our quality management systems meet stringent international standards
  • Accredited by 15 authorities including the Council on Higher Education and several Skills Education Training Authorities (SETAs)

Achieving your life, education and career goals
Regenesys helps individuals and organisations across the globe achieve their personal and organisational goals by enhancing their management and leadership potential.

Holistic education
canstockphoto10695573 2Regenesys approaches education and development holistically: intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. For us, spirituality means being guided by your purpose in life and driven by your core values such as integrity, trust, and respect. Our learning programmes are designed to inspire and transform your mind, heart and soul, to develop the positive values, attitudes and behaviours required for success.

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