India Education Reform Suggestion – Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Good, Professional and Passionate Teachers are required if we need our next generation and today’s teenagers get right and meaningful learning. Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Chartered Accountants are professionals but Teachers are never treated at part with them. It’s because of surely the education system in India. After Graduate studies of 3 years BA/BSc / B.Com, B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) is shortest degree cum professional course and degree which gurantees a basic job for livelihood. In past 15 years and majority of private institution / colleges functioned as degree mills producing teachers for state and schools.

Does all our Teachers are trained enough to make infant a good, learnt human being. The teachers gets trained, how to teach the syllabus in given time.

If India is planning value based learning, the Bachelor of Education shall be a 3 year professional degree program after 12th and with option to do 4th year to do Hons. studies in specialized field (Maths / Science / Language….)

If a student at the age of 17/18 decides that he wants to become a teacher, why shouldn’t they shall be allowed to join the course to become teacher. Let’s make B.Ed. a more valuable and content oriented qualification as”Teachers make human being”. Chartered Accountants can prefiex CA, Doctors can prefix Dr., Engineers can prefix Er., than our Teachers shall be allowed to prefix Tr. with their names and Professors shall prefix Pr..

First we have to make our Teachers Learning System more focused on creating good human being. Currently the B.Ed. is 1 year program after graduate studies, instead it shall become 3/4 years program after HSC qualification. And the teachers shall get opportunities to make learning more fun, interactive, advance. In childhood, school days and in early teenage, Parents and Teachers are their ideal as they spent their most of time with them. Unless each of the teacher in our schools will function like “Guru” of our ancient education system, the students and next generation won’t be as confident and focused and successful as we desire.

Teaching is a noble profession. Every teacher touches lives of thousands of people during his professional life and improve life of lacs of people. Let’ give more respect to teachers. Let’s give more learning opportunity to teaching profession so they return good to us and society. A person may not recall names of his classmates or colleague but, can never forget names of his teachers even after 50 years.

Again one more appeal to policy makers, please do not make the amendment like we did with LLB. (LLB is and was 3 year qualification after graduate studies, after amendments there is option for students to do LLB after 12th / HSC, but the course duration will be 5 years. 5 Years duration for an undergraduate level qualification is a big tenure.


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