Level of Education in India 2014

We have discussed the issues thousands of times in past but, after discussions and conclusions whether the amendments and policies were supportive or we are heading in right direction or not? How we can justify it?

The Output defines whether the input was right or could have been better. In last 15 years  of “Privatization of Higher Education” we have experienced that 75% of Indian Engineers are non employable, they require minimum 6 months on job training. The situation is worst in case of MBA’s. We hais ve witnessed sudden blow in number of colleges and institutes offering Engineering and Management degrees in last 15 years and post recession, from 2010 onwards college and classroom are vacant or half fill. Every year the decline in number of enrolments have given such a hit to colleges to shut down their shops.

And, now there is another window of Skill Development. Where students will leave traditional degree courses aside and are joining technical courses, which shall give them right career opportunities.

But, before giving strong blow to these courses, we should even check the reality, that their are many corporate companies in India and MNC’s in India who do not hire Non Engineers/ Non Post Graduates.

Government’s own schemes of skill development has seen and received tremendous response, student got skill development certificates, the private players earned incentive too. :But, what about the real and practical training of students. 90%; of students have not attended a single day’s training for the skill certificate program they have enroled.

The situation is nowhere better in school education, distance education.

There have been theories recd and speeches also. But the reality defers…

From my next blog we will follow the suggested improvements in the system for 2022 and beyond.


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