India Education Reform Suggestion – B.Ed. Series Vol 2

From the Year 2015, B.Ed. will be 2 years course after Graduation studies. Govt. this decision will have 2 direct output. Firstly, in the year 2016 there will not be B.Ed. teachers freshers who would be looking to join Govt. Schools/ Private schools in India. Hence, we will be able to control the number of qualified teacher for 1 year and unemployment / underemployment of qualified teacher for 1 year. Secondly, Teachers will undergo regerous practical learning during 4 semester B.Ed. course as now, the course focus on more practical / project weightage.

But, the existing teachers who have joined till 2014 as teaching system and will retire after 35 years or even after that. So, to completely change the school education and learning methodology, it will take 35 years. Government is even undertaking training program for existing teachers but that is not giving calculated output as the said training program is only a process- duty for them for which they are getting paid and nowhere monitored for output.

My sincere suggestion for Transformation of B.Ed. course as a whole.

Diploma in Education – Eligibility – SSC – Course Duration – 2 years – Can work as teacher only till 5th Grade / Standard students.

Bachelor of Education – Eligibility – HSC – Course Duration – 3 Years – Can work as teacher for students till 10th Standard / Grade

Any student who completed D.Ed. can join 2nd year of B.Ed. as Regular student to do B.Ed.

Bachelor of Education (Hons) – Eligibility – B.Ed. – Duration – 1 Year – Can work as teacher for students till 12th standard / Grade

Training to Existing Teachers

All the teachers will undergo 100 hours of training for their proficient field of education and shall successfully clear online exam of 4 Subjects. 1. General Knowledge, 2. Subject Expertise 1, 2. Subject Expertise 2,  4. Civic Science

Incentive to Teachers

Award shall be given to teachers also if the students comes in merit list of Village, Taluka, Districts, State.

State / Districts’s Role

Village, Municipal Body, State shall conduct test for students on the line of Olympiads in Science, General Knowledge, Mathematics, History, Hindi, English, Foreign Language, Civic Science.

Private institutes conducts these tests with a fees of INR 500 per student. Government can conduct with INR 30 as the number of students getting participate in exams are in thousands. Even, sponsorship can be taken from NGO’s and corporate for event.

In our tradition we give equal importance to Parents – God – Teachers. Let’s empower our teachers with knowledge and opportunity, so they can make our children better human being and successful in their lives.

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